I am a Christian; Part 1

I am a Christian; Part 1

Phantom Faith: I am a Christian; Part 1



Intro: I am a Christian – the early church definition…

1.  Four Evidences that You are a Christian: Do You Fellowship with God? (4 Keys)

A. You enjoy fellowship with Jesus/God (1:2-4)

​​1. Fellowship with Jesus described: Intimacy – Gal2:20

​​*Remember Jesus’ example with Father Mark1:32-25

​​2. Fellowship with Jesus experienced: Jn10:10; 14:21; 15:10; Phil3:10; Matt4:19

*Abundant means full; *Love Christ and His Word*Power of resurrection in my life; *Fellowship of suffering for Jesus; *Walking with Jesus means I care about the lost

​​3. Ministry of the Holy Spirit is evident – Acts1:8; 1Jn2:27

*Power as a witness for Christ; Growing in understanding God’s Word; Convicted over sin

B. You are sensitive to sin (1:5-10)

​​1.  It is not we NEVER sin; Example – Consuming Fire Fellowship…

​​2.  When we sin, we go to One – Jesus our Advocate (1Jn2:1-2)

​​3.  There is sensitivity to sin, we hate it, we battle (Rom.7:14-24; Gal.5:16-25 –espvs16,24)

​​*Notice Paul’s sensitivity and hatred with sin; see the battle AND power of Holy Spirit

​​*Gal5:24 – crucified flesh; it is dying, grasping for breath, fighting to stay alive…

​​4.  Decreasing pattern of sin in your life – not sinless but sin lessand less (1Jn3:4-10)

C. You strive to obey God’s Word (2:3-6)

1.  Is there a pattern of obedience to God’s Word in your life?

2.  Is God’s Word your foundation in life, the truth by which you live?

3.  Do you love God’s Word? (Ps1 – your delight and meditation?)

4. Loving Jesus is loving God’s Word (Jn14:21; 15:10)

D. You love other Christians (2:9-10)

​​1.  You should want to be around God’s people and care about them (the church!)


​​2.  If you love God, you will love God’s people (1Jn4:19-21)


2.  Is There Evidence That You are a Christian?

A.  These are not commands to do, but evidence of the life of God in you. (2Corinthians13:5)

​​*Example: How do you know an apple tree when you see it?


B.  Remembering the 2 Towers – September 11, 2001

​​1.  What would you say to those who worked there on Sept10th, if you knew their fate?

​​2.  What do we say to people today, knowing 150,000 people die every day in the world?

3.  Do we say, God has a wonderful plan for your life? Or, do we warn them of impending danger and their desperate need for Christ?  That is what I am trying to do here today…

4.  Read the passages of today again and let God tell you where you stand with Him!


*If you know now, you fail the test, then repent and call out in faith to Christ right where you are, as I pray, then come tell me of what Christ has done in you!