God is Our Rescuer

God is Our Rescuer

Psalm 91 God is Our Rescuer

Psalm91 God is our Rescuer notes

1. The LORD’s Protection (vs.1-13)

A. The ______________ (vs.1-2)

1. Some of God’s promises have conditions and some don’t… *whosoever will call on … and, Jer.29:11,12 – you will seek Me and find Me, when…This Psalm has a condition!
2. The condition is for those who dwell with God in the secret place – notice dwell and shelter 3. Dwell – to abide, to live, to remain, to lodge – “TIME” in presence is the key focus
4. Shelter – the secret place, a hiding place – it is not given to everyone, but only certain ones
5. These abide/dwell in the shadow – what does “shadow” tell us? ___________ Psalm73:25-28
6. Consider Christ’s words – John14:21; chap15:5 – I am the vine, you are the branches…

B. The __________________ (vs.1-2)

1. “I will say… My refuge; My fortress; My God in whom I trust; Psalm23, the Lord is MY…
2. The 4 names of God in experiential knowledge: Most High – sovereign over universe (reverently commune w/ Him; Almighty – Shaddai, we rest in Him, the Almighty; Yhweh – God’s personal name – we rejoice in Him our Jehovah; God – Elohim, Creator, we trust!
3. The Psalmist declares intimate, experiential knowledge of God being this in his life!
*KEY! How does he know God in this way?!!! ONLY ONE WAY! Most back away…
4. The promise is open to all, but only given to those who know God intimately!
*Consider Paul in Phil.3:10 – I want to know Christ…; also, see Ps91:3, delivers you…

C. The LORD’s _________________ and care (vs.3-13)

1. Their safety (vs.3-8) *the fowler (can be people and Satan); pestilence – disease, plagues etc.
*God’s intimate, passionate, loving protection, as a mother protecting her young!
*His faithfulness – a double guard of protection, in the impenetrable fortress!
*God’s peace(Is.26:3,4) – terror of night; arrow of war by day; pestilence in the darkness (hidden, unseen place); destruction at noon – no place or time He is not protecting!!! *vs.7-8: death is all around (physical and spiritual); yet for those in the secret place, they are not touched, they only look on God’s judgment of the wicked.
2. Their habitation/hiding place (vs.9-10)
*Yhweh is their refuge, the Most High of universe their hiding place; no evil nor plague of the enemy can hurt them, they’re God’s and He brings in the “big guns”! (angels)
3. Their servants (vs.11-12) are the angels themselves! Consider what great beings they are! *Notice vs.13 “serpent” it is the word _________! No foe can hurt those abiding in Christ! Our feet are shod with the gospel, that is the power of God, we crush the enemy!

2. The LORD’s Promise (vs.14-16)

A. Because…I will…in the midst of ___________(vs.14,15) *Notice all the “I will’s”! (Is.41:10)
*It is NOT because of the perfection of the saint, but because of His love for God!
*This saint knows God’s name intimately, in experience of all sorts of trials and devils; God sets him on the high peak of the mountain, it is dangerous, but glorious!
B. God our __________ (vs.15): God won’t just send His angels, He will come Himself to rescue! You will be in the midst of an overwhelming flood, there, I will rescue you and you will come to know Me personally as your Rescuer!!! (this is David’s Psalm in chapter 18!)
C. Long life/see My __________: Those who dwell with the infinite God in the secret place; whether their life be long or short, when it is over, they are ready to leave – as a man sitting at a table eating is full; they leave this earth in peace knowing and seeing the grace and salvation of God!
*Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; tis GRACE hath led me safe thus far, and GRACE shall lead me home!